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Discover 9 Astonishing Sheep Wool Benefits

Have you ever wondered where wool yarn originates? Farmers shear the sheep’s hair to acquire sheep’s wool, also known as sheep hair. This wool typically has a coarse texture. Furthermore, people primarily use natural 100% sheep wool for socks or vests because it enhances blood circulation effectively. Additionally, you can apply it to areas requiring stimulation and heat, such as joints. However, this wool may feel “rough” to sensitive individuals.

Properties of wool:

1. Fire resistant

Many people know that 100% sheep’s wool does not burn. They can burn, but they will burn very hard, as a result of that each fiber of wool retains a certain amount of moisture in the air, even wool that is several years old.

2. Rapid moisture removal

Wool doesn’t just retain moisture; it actively maintains an ideal moisture balance, regardless of the amount of water it encounters. Moreover, wool has the remarkable ability to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. This scientific phenomenon can be attributed to the ‘mushroom’ design inherent in wool, which causes each fiber to fuse with the others rather than simply lying parallel like other fibers. As wool fibers fuse together, they create air pockets, thus forming a natural insulator.

3. Resistant to mold and mildew

The thin waxy coating of wool fibers contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Rapid moisture removal creates a natural antimicrobial environment. This prevents mold, mildew and other unwanted “odors” from penetrating the threads, regarding that wool products do not need to be washed regularly and will smell fresh after repeated use, unlike synthetic fibers.

4. Hypoallergenic

According to Woolrevolution.com, “Dust mites do not like wool. They prefer a hot, humid environment, which is more common in synthetic or down products. Dust mites are [also] a major cause of allergies and asthma.

5. Extremely flexible and durable

A single wool fiber can endure up to 20,000 bends before breaking, in contrast to cotton’s 3,000 bends. Wool maintains an optimal moisture balance, preventing it from becoming brittle like other fibers. Its ability to “spring back to shape” ensures that woolen garments retain their form better than those made from other materials.

6. It’s cooling

Wool is famous for its ability to regulate body temperature. In winter, wool’s insulating properties keep dry air and heat close to the skin. Wool’s natural insulating qualities and ability to pass water create a fabric that keeps the body warm even when it’s raining. In the summer, the wool shape pulls excess heat and moisture away from your skin, helping the wearer stay cooler.

In the Sahara Desert, Bedouins wear thin woolen clothing to help them in the heat. The breathable ‘air pocket’ properties of wool mean that sweat doesn’t weigh down the layers of insulation, so the more you sweat, the colder you feel all the time.

7. UV protection

Sheep wool has a natural UV protection factor of up to 30+! Wool naturally absorbs the sun’s UV rays before they come into contact with the skin; wearing wool will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

8. Stain resistant

The waxy outer coating of wool serves to repel liquids effectively. Consequently, if a spill occurs on the knit fabric, it is unlikely to be immediately absorbed, and any remaining liquid can be easily wiped off.

9. Easy to maintain

It is a well-known fact that woolen products do not need to be washed regularly. Odor-causing bacteria are naturally inhibited by the fatty acids that coat wool fibers. This wax coating also suppresses static which attracts lint, dirt and dust. The scaly surface area of the fiber blocks the absorption of dirt and stains. Instead, the particles settle to the top, which means they are much easier to remove.

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